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Remove Canada Goose Flowchart

Do I need a permit to? Choose permit inquiry Disturb or Destroy Canada Geese Nests Remove Canada Geese in Urbana Areas Remove Canada Geese in Rural Areas Outside Hunting Season Remove Canada Geese in Rural Areas During Hunting Season Alter Canada Geese Habitat as a Deterrence Yes. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources may issue a permit (see footnote 1) to destroy Canada geese eggs or nests in some situations. Destroying eggs or nests without a permit is a Federal and State offense. No. A permit is not needed on land you own. Wetlands cannot be destroyed in order to deter geese without proper authorization. Usually permits to remove Canada geese during the hunting season are not issued. Control via hunting (where allowed) is encouraged and requires a hunting license3, state and federal waterfowl stamps, and a Harvest Information Program (HIP) registration (see footnote 4). Follow all current hunting regulations (see footnote 5). Yes. Removal of Canada Geese in urban areas is not allowed unless there is a direct threat of harm to human health or safety or damage to property.
  1. For more information about Canada Geese removal permits contact the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Urban Waterfowl Project Manager at (847) 608-3167
  2. Contact an Illinois Department of Natural Resources District Wildlife Biologist in agricultural damage situations.
  3. For a hunting license go to: or call (888) 673-7648
  4. To register with the Harvest Information Program (HIP:) Get the certification when purchasing your license or call (888) 673-7648
  5. For information about waterfowl hunting go to: