An Odor

A bad odor in your home could be a sign that wildlife have moved in. Animals living in the attic or walls will produce urine and feces. And if an animal dies, the smell can be quite strong.

Hire a Professional

A nuisance wildlife control operator can trap or remove wildlife for you.

Handle the Situation Yourself

Removing Live Wildlife

A few species, such as mice, house sparrows, and European starlings, can be removed without a permit. For most species, such as raccoons, tree squirrels, and woodpeckers, a permit is required before the animal can be legally removed from the home. You can CONTACT an Illinois Department of Natural Resources biologist to request the free permit and to get information on cleaning the area.

Removing Dead Wildlife

Dead wildlife should be removed as soon as possible. Wear disposable gloves. Double-bag the carcass if it’s going into a garbage can, and wash your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water afterwards.

If you plan to bury dead wildlife, the hole should be at least two and a half feet deep (there should be at least 6 inches of compacted soil covering the carcass). If you do not know where the underground utility facilities (power, phone, and gas lines) are located on your property, call JULIE before you dig 8-1-1. The location you choose should be at least 200 feet from any supply of surface water or groundwater to avoid contamination of the water supply.