Solve a Wildlife Problem

Excessive Bird Droppings

Photo: James Thiele, USDA APHIS-WS
A white car parked near an urban European starling roost is covered with bird droppings.
This car was parked near an urban European starling roost.

Large flocks of birds can quickly produce a lot of excrement. When they roost on the roofs of buildings or near vehicles, this can lead to piles of droppings that are both unsightly and a potential human health hazard. The usual suspects in these situations are Pigeons, House Sparrows, European Starlings, GullsWild Turkeys, or Vultures.

To prevent this mess from happening, check out the bird dispersal techniques developed by USDA APHIS Wildlife Services.

IDNR Issues Updated Recommendations Regarding Wild Birds and Avian Influenza June 1, 2022
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