Contact an IDNR District Wildlife Biologist

District Wildlife/Hunter Heritage Biologist Contact Information
Last Name First Name Phone Number Email
Brown Doug 217-345-2420
Bunnell John 618-393-6732
Dassow Megan 217-784-4730
Delahunt Kenneth 618-529-6426
Eubanks Bryan 217-345-2420
Fitzsimons Stefanie 815-675-2386 X 215
Fretueg Greg 309-543-3316 X 231
Funk Ben 618-931-0208
Horn Jeff 815-273-2771
Hurd Maureen 309-879-2169 
Kelley Tim 309-543-3262
Klimas Sam 309-246-2487
Langan Cody 618-242-2062
Launer Emma 217-537-3352
Massey Bob 815-476-7622
Phillips Adam 618-529-6428
Rogus Joe 815-476-2523
Skoglund Paul 618-393-6732
Strahl Nicky 847-608-3122
Weber Beth 815-273-2733
Wood Kaleb 217-480-6340 


Click here to download the District Wildlife Biologist map and contact information.


IDNR Issues Updated Recommendations Regarding Wild Birds and Avian Influenza
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